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Ideas & Design Group, LLC (IDG) is focused on selective consulting pertaining to the direct selling business model itself.  John’s experience and insights are the result of proof through measured results and a focus on process. Are you measuring the speed of customer acquisition. Is multi-cultural a strategy?

Growth Solutions Resource, LLC (GSR) is focused on business growth through better understanding of current and historical business performance. Analysis and analytics through data mining is the focus resulting in predictive models that support optimum decision making and resource allocation. We source solutions via the best in the world at understanding the key drivers of performance relative to the direct selling model.

Black Educational Events, LLC (BEE) is focused on enhancing awareness of the continued significance and relevance of our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). BEE publishes HBCU Today, the most comprehensive resource ever published on HBCUs. 

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